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Moot for female journalists to be held on June 22

Islamabad: Women Media Centre in collaboration with National Endowment for Democracy, USA will hold a one-day conference titled ‘Building Bridges between Politicians, Female Journalists and Citizens’ on June 22 (Monday).

The daylong conference is exclusively being arranged for female journalists and is aimed at exploring how they could help strengthen the democratic principles and process, said a news release issued here Thursday.

In recent years, electronic media has managed to make its place after trudging through treacherous waters and dictatorial leaderships.

Media and politics share a mutual relationship, as politicians require strong media for

conveying their thoughts and feelings to the masses while media depends upon effective coverage of political activities for its extension.

However, a third party – the country’s citizens – are missing in this whole scenario.

The Women Media Centre felt the need to build bridges between these three different factions of society, so that all three could benefit from each other.
Source: The News