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=> LAHORE, Dec 5: A young couple was found dead in th

LAHORE, Dec 5: A young couple was found dead in their flat under mysterious circumstances in the Civil Lines area on Wednesday morning.

The family and police suspected that the couple had committed suicide after hanging themselves with a ceiling fan for being issueless. According to Edhi officials, bodies of Mubashir, 28, and his wife Humaira, 22, were lying at two separate places with their necks trussed up.

Basharat, brother-in-law of Mubashir, said he reached the flat on Lawrence Road at around 9am and found Mubashir’s body lying on his bed and HumairaÂ’s in the lounge with ropes tied around their necks while the rope was attached with the ceiling fan.

He said his one-month-old daughter, Jawaria, whom he had given to Mubashir after the death of his wife, was weeping near the body of Humaira.

Basharat said he along with Mubashir had gone to fetch a medical test report from a laboratory on Monday in which Mubashir’s hepatitis C result remained positive. He said Mubashir was a bit dejected. He said he was not sure if the couple had committed suicide or they were murdered.

Mubashir, who contracted marriage with Humaira some five years back, was unemployed and meeting expenses from his rented house in Gulistan Colony.

The police shifted the bodies to hospital for autopsy.

A Civil Lines police official said Basharat informed them that the couple had no enmity.

SHOT DEAD: A shopkeeper was shot dead allegedly by a man of his area over a trivial issue in Hanjarwal on Wednesday.

Police said Ghulam Rasool, 45, had a quarrel with Shahzad on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Shahzad came to the shop of Rasool and fired at him and escaped. He died while being taken to hospital.

HONOUR KILLING: An orphan girl was shot dead allegedly by her uncle and cousins in Nishtar Colony on Wednesday.

Police said Madeeha Azam was living along with her mother, Fauzia Bibi, at Dillukhurd village. On Monday, Fauzia had complained to the police that her relative, Qasid Abbas, had abducted her daughter. The police registered a case against the accused.

Although Madeeha returned to her house, her uncle Gulzaib Khan and cousins suspected that she had eloped with Qasid. On Wednesday, Gulzaib and his sons Kazim Khan, Mohsin Khan and others barged into Fauzia’s house and shot dead her daughter.
Source: Dawn