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Jirga gives police three-day deadline to act against accused

MIRPURKHAS: Following an attempt to rape an 11-year-old girl by a local landlord, a Jirga of Leghari and Khaskheli tribes gave a three-day deadline to police to arrest the accused or else it will be free to issue any verdict.

The tribal Jirga was held in Village Doulat Leghari of UC Doulat Pur, some 15km off here.

Tension gripped the area after the decision of Jirga, as supporters of influential accused who also belongs to tribe of victim girl, preparing to retaliate in case the tribal body announced any decision against him.

A local landlord had allegedly sexually assaulted Yasmin Khaskheli in a nearby orchard but she raise hue and cry on which villagers reached there, forcing the accused to flee the scene.

Jirga Coordinator Abdul Hakeem Leghari told The News that landlord Ehsan Leghari is an influential person having support of a provincial minister due to which police apparently avoiding to arrest him.

“Jirga of elders belonging to Leghari as well as Khaskheli tribes given three days as an opportunity to police for action against the accused in the light of statements by eyewitnesses in the case, otherwise the jirga will have liberty for any decision and action against culprits”, he said.

Jawai Khaskheli, a widow and mother of victim girl, revealed that police exerting immense pressure on her to withdraw the case. She added that the police was threatening to put her brothers and other relatives behind bars.

“I am a destitute woman due to which police instead of listening me openly favouring influential landlord and forcing me to withdraw the case”, she said.

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