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Influential held in gang rape case

Karachi:The Investigation regarding the gang rape case entered its fourth day and, on the orders of senior officers, the Investigation police held three suspects including the owner of the house where the incident took place. They also sent some cloth pieces of the victim for a DNA test.

On Wednesday, it was reported that after the passage of three days, no progress had been made in the investigation into the gang rape of a girl in the Boat basin area. The victim’s family had stated that they were continuously receiving threats from the accused influentials to withdraw the case and that the investigation police was patronising the accused.

The senior police officers while taking note of the news item, ordered the police to expedite arrest. Late Wednesday night, three suspects were held in a raid on the house.

An investigation officer, on condition of anonymity, said that the house belonged to a director of a firm and that his son and two servants, who were residing there, were being held.

He stated that the investigation team took the victim, K, to the house, where she pointed that she was raped in the porch where only one bed was lying and also identified the white car which was parked there. He said that as soon as the report was available, they would match the samples of the suspected persons and, if the crime was proved, then they would be booked and showed to the media.

On inquiry, the tracker system in the car revealed that vehicle in question hadn’t moved in five days.

Source: The News