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Hyderabad council demands special fund for destitute women

HYDERABAD: The District Council Hyderabad on Thursday formed a committee to devise a strategy to support destitute women of the district.

The House took up four identical resolutions moved by Naseema Khan, Perveen Lodhi, Shamim Qadri and Raeesa Begum on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Members, taking part in the debate, said the Women Protection Act has reduced the crime rate against women.

Some male councillors also supported the resolutions and demanded the provision of a special fund for destitute and needy women.

Convener Zafar Rajput announced the formation of a committee, comprising Shamim Qadri, Rana Siddiqui, Perveen Lodhi, Naseema Khan, Fehmida Nahion, Zahida Memon and Farhat Khan advocate, to prepare a strategy for the welfare of destitute women of the district.

Rana Siddiqui moved another resolution calling for the allocation of funds in the coming budget for women councillors to help needy people. The chair adjourned debate on the resolution till Monday.

Earlier, the convener deferred a resolution about price hike moved by Javed Kardar, saying that such a resolution was also moved in the past and the government had taken measures to control the prices of essential food items.

Zahida Memon presented a resolution demanding that the Mirpurkhas-Hyderabad single road be converted into a double-track road. The resolution was referred to the works committee, which was asked to present a report on the issue at its next meeting.

The chair also referred a motion moved by Mohammad Thebo to the revenue committee and asked it to present a detailed report. The convener adjourned the session till Monday.

Source: The News