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GRAP to promote women empowerment: Sumaira

Islamabad–Federal Minister for Women Development Sumaira Malik said that Gender Reform Action Plan (GRAP) is the largest Project on the portfolio of the Ministry of Women Development.

“The overall aim of this project is to promote women’s access to the economic, political, and social empowerment at the national, provincial, and district level”, she told APP here on Monday.

She said that the major responsibility of the Gender Reform Action Plan is to develop and implement a coherent gender reform agenda, to align policies structure and procedures for enabling the government to implement its national and international commitments on gender and equality issues.

Sumaira said that the major objectives of Gender Reform Action Plan are these, to help improve the status of women, to promote processes that lead towards equal participation of women at all levels of governance laying foundation for long term permanent gender equality in the society.

To ensure effective implementation of gender equality in relation -to international conventions like Convention on Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), she added.

Sumaira Malik said that to enhance participation of women across the governance sphere at the federal, provincial and district levels all stakeholders contribute positively towards the goal of gender main streaming and equality.

To a question she said that GRAP envisages reform in these key areas like political participation by women, institutional reconstructing, women employment in public sector, policy budgeting and public expenditure mechanism (Gender Responsive), related capacity building interventions.

Source: The Post