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‘Govt condemns torching of Dir girls school’

ISLAMABAD: The Women’s Development Ministry has taken strong notice of the torching of a girls school in Upper Dir last week that completely destroyed the building, Women’s Development Minister Sherry Rehman said on Monday.

“The government strongly condemns the incident and considers it a crime against women,” said Sherry. She said that the Women’s Development Ministry has already alerted the gender crime cell, which is responsible for investigating such cases.

The cell works in co-ordination with authorities concerned in the area where the crime has taken place and ensures follow up.

Sherry Rehman said that the government is aware of the volatile situation in the troubled parts of the NWFP.

“Our move to explore a political solution to the turmoil in the area is a step in the direction of eliminating the militant threat by way of empowering people. Our government is committed to helping the people in the area who have suffered for years paying the price for the policy that was never endorsed. We will not let a group of zealots pose a threat to the education of girls simply because it is not in their belief system”.

She said that she would talk to the authorities concerned to rebuild the school, adding that the Women’s Development Ministry is looking for collaborating with other ministries to work towards a gender justice order.

“Strengthening co-ordination between the Ministry of Women’s Development and the Interior Ministry is a part of the strategy to ensure that crimes against women are dealt with quickly and the perpetrators are brought to book as soon as possible,” she added.
Source: Daily Times