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Girl seeks justice, appeals to president and PM

SANGLA HILL, October 28 2005: A girl who was assaulted by a nazim has appealed to the president and prime minister for justice. Union Nazim of UC-22 Hafiz Mohammad Naeem assaulted a girl, Farzana. Soon the girl became pregnant.

Naeem forced the girl to keep quit but she told about her plight to her mother fearing that she would soon become the mother of an illegitimate child. Her mother obtained a pregnancy certificate for her daughter from a doctor and approached the village jury seeking justice.

The jury comprising Sardar Mohammad Gujjar, Mian Mohammad Rafiq and others summoned the nazim, Hafiz Mohammad Naeem, and pronounced their verdict that either the accused marry Farzana or be ready to go to jail.

The nazim solemnized Nikah with Farzana and the date of the nikkah was recorded on the document.

Later, in order to get rid of Farzana and the illegitimate child, Naeem took her to the Shahnaz Hospital in Shahkot Tehsil on the pretext of a medical check-up.

With the help of a lady doctor, he got Farzana confined to a room in the hospital. She was given an injection which rendered her unconscious when the lady doctor allegedly carried out an abortion.

Farzana on regaining consciousness started crying bitterly when she came to know about it. She was silenced through acts of violence and then kept inside a room at the hospital.

Naeem kept threatening Farzana at gunpoint that she should shift the blame to someone else. He obtained her statements in his favour through the use of force.

Source: Dawn