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Dua Zehra sent to Darul Aman

LAHORE: A judicial magistrate on Tuesday sent a Karachi girl Dua Zehra to Darul Aman who contracted marriage against the will of her family as she cited threats to her life at the hands of her parents.

Earlier, the girl appeared before the magistrate along with her counsel and filed a written application seeking a direction to send her to the government shelter.

In the application, Zehra said her relation with husband Zaheer Ahmad became strained and her life was also in danger at the hands of her parents and other relatives.

The applicant said she left the house of her husband and spent the previous night at the house of a relative. She had no place to live and wanted the court to send her to Darul Aman for her better security.

The magistrate allowed the application and directed a state prosecutor to ensure shifting of the girl to Darul Aman of the city district government till further orders.

Meanwhile, Syed Mehdi Ali Kazmi, father of Zehra, filed an application with the Bureau of Child Protection and Welfare Officer for the rescue of his ‘minor’ daughter being victim of the offences of kidnapping and abduction.

The counsel of Kazmi moved the application under the provisions of the Punjab Destitute and Neglected Children Amendment Act 2017. The applicant asked the bureau that his minor daughter should be taken into custody and be handed over to him in accordance with the law.

He also sought criminal proceedings against Zaheer Ahmad, the husband of Zehra, and his mother Noor Bibi for keeping the minor girl in their custody illegally.

Source: Business Recorder