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Body exhumed in honour killing, probe

Marisahoo: officials exhumed the body of a 22-year old woman on Monday after president Pervez Musharraf orderd a probe into whether she was the victim of an honour killing and said they had found evidence of torture.

Hundreds of policemen surrounded a cemetery in the dusty village of Marisahoo in the southern part of Punjab province as medical officers conducted a post-mortem in a makeshift morgue.

“We have found marks of torture on the body,” a doctor told Reuters after conducting the post-mortem
“Half of the body was blue, suggesting electrocution”Other doctor concurred , but said the full post mortem results would be released later.

Musharraf demanded the post-mortem of Afsheen Musharraf after being told about her case in a meeting with newspaper editors on Friday night .

Police say 62 cases of honour killing have been reported to the police this year alone in the southern Punjab.According to news reports, afsheen was found dead earlier this month two days after returning to her family, having eloped to marry without their consent.

The official APP news agency said on Sunday that Musharraf had ordered police to make sure the culprits were held accountable if the murder was indeed an honour killing.-Reuters

Source: Businesses recorder