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Amnesty International concerned over crimes against women in conflict

LARKANA:January 01,2005:The Amnesty International has expressed its concern over crimes against women in times of conflict, asking the governments to respect, protect and fulfil women’s right to freedom from crime of violence in peace time as well.

Secretary-General, Amnesty International (AI) Pakistan, lqbal Detho issued a group report, asking also those in a position of influence to ensure that these and other fundamental rights of women are not abused.

The AI demanded that all parties to armed conflict must publicly denounce gender-based violence, whenever and wherever it occurs . and issue clear instructions to their forces to refrain from all forms of violence against women.

It said the governments should train all their armed forces and other personnel on the right of civilians and combatants no longer participants in hostilities.

The rights body called for ending impunity for violence against women. The governments and where appropriate armed groups exist must ensure that laws, rules, regulations and military orders prohibit violence against women and provide for disciplinary and criminal punishments for perpetrators, while respecting human rights standards.

It called for suspending from duty, pending investigation, any member of the police, security forces or other state organisation implicated in violence against women.

The Al suggested to bring all those responsible for acts of violence against women to justice in fair trials and to pay attention to the particular needs of women subjected to violence, including sexual abuse, and to exclude death penalty.

It called for publicly condemning all forms of violence against women. “End the provision of any logistical, financial or military assistance to government or armed groups which could reasonably be assumed to result in violence against women.”

The AI suggested implementation of UN Security Council resolution 1325 in full. It said it should be ensured that women play a key role in the design and implementation of all peace-building initiatives; and also ensure that women have full access to the resources and services provided by post conflict reconstruction initiatives.
Source: The News