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4,302 cases of women abuse reported in 2004

KARACHI,January 4,2005:The violence against women in Pakistan is on the increase evident from the fact that during the year 2004 print media reported 4,302 cases that include murder, rape and other kind of violence.

There were 1,458 cases of murder, 728 cases of rape, including gang rape, 708 cases of injury, 552 cases of severe torture, 436 cases of beating, 258 cases of attempted rape, 34 cases of sexual harassment, 29 cases of stripping, 15 cases of acid burnt, 31 cases of rape murder and 2 cases of forced abortion published in the prominent national and provincial newspapers.

The report has been compiled by Madadgar, a joint venture of Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid and the Unicef.

Break up of data shows that of 4,302 cases of women abuse, 311 were reported in Jan, 293 in Feb, 301 in March, 320 in April, 393 in May, 525 in June, 418 in July, 504 in Aug, 369 in Sept, 271 in Oct, 326 in Nov and 271 cases in Dec.

Some 1,458 women were brutally murdered during the year out of which 93 in Jan, 75 in Feb, 81 in March, 96 in April, 162 in May, 189 in June, 135 in July, 149 in Aug, 137 in Sept, 113 in Oct, 119 in Nov and 109 women in Dec.

As many as 1,020 women became the victim of sexual violence and the ratio of sexual abuse cases was 85 cases per month.

City-wise statistics show that 374 cases of women abuse were reported in Karachi, 292 in Lahore, 72 in Peshawar, 50 in Quetta, 167 in Multan, 154 in Gujranwala, 73 in Hyderabad, 98 in Rawalpindi, 112 in Sargodha, 49 in Sukkur, 109 in Vehari, 84 in Faisalabad, 109 in Sialkot, 22 in Jhang, 60 in Okara, 93 in Ferozwala, 47 in Melsi, 58 in Sheikhupura, 32 in Larkana, 69 in Kasur and 44 cases in Islamabad.

Source: The News