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Alleged rape survivor claims minister duped her

By Amar Guriro

KARACHI: A young lady ‘S’, who had recently leveled allegations against her former landlord of raping and torturing her, has claimed that Sindh minister for women development has backed out of her promise to help her.

The 24-year-old S, resident of Lal Quarters, Badin Chali Hyderabad, was approached by Sindh Minister for Women Development Tauqeer Fatima, who had vowed to help her.

S was shifted to Karachi and was admitted to Civil Hospital Karachi’s Burns Ward for treatment, where she stayed for 17 days before being discharged. The she moved to a rented home in Sarjani Town.

On Monday, this scribe visited her home where is living with her husband and three children. She said that she is not fully recovered and her husband has lost his job.

S claimed that the minister had given her husband an envelope in front of the media in Hyderabad with everyone assuming that it had money to help them out, but they later discovered that it was empty.

When contacted the minister bluntly rejected the allegations. “How is this possible…her husband had admitted that he had received the money,” said Fatima.

She said that her ministry is receiving several case of a similar nature and she can’t afford to support them for the rest of their lives.

“I gave them Rs 10,000 in Hyderabad, took them to Karachi for treatment, gave them Rs 10,000 again and also talked to a famous philanthropist organisation that promised to give them food twice a day, what else can I do,” she said.
Source: Daily Times