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‘Aafia, Malala tragedies not something to cheer on’

KARACHI: Aafia Movement Pakistan leader Dr Fauzia has said some vested interests were trying to present the plights of Aafia Siddiqui and Malala Yousufzia as competing stories while the fact is that the two women are two chapters of a single story of victimisation.

In a statement issued here on Monday, she said recently some TV talk shows and blogs were doing shows to choose between Aafia and Malala which is an appalling act.

People behind such heartless and evil action took the tragedies of two women as a contest and were expecting to gain victory over the other.

Fauzia said these people were giving a false impression that only one may be chosen. Aafia and Malala were not the competing stories to be cheered on by the Pakistanis in a grotesque sporting competition. “They are two chapters of a single story with many other chapters. It is about the official injustice and indifference in the service of hiding the cowardice, corruption, incompetence and failures of the authorities.”

She said these elements had stripped both women of their humanity to promote their agendas that were alien to both of them. “It is even better if one dies from the gunshots in the head and neck and the other in prison. An inconvenient truth is less likely to appear. They cannot speak for themselves.”

She said the people involved in these acts should look into their hearts and questioned will they want their daughters to be treated like Aafia and Malala.

“I do not support any kind of similar poll against women and vows to defend even it were about any of the Pakistani women.”

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