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Writer Amar Sindhu teaches women to dream with eyes open

KARACHI: Amar Sindhu represents the voice of oppressed Sindhi women who are kept in cell-like houses.

At a book launch for her book ‘Ojageel Akhyan Ja Sapna’ [Jagti Ankhon ke Sapne, Dreams With Open Eyes] at Karachi Arts Council on Sunday evening, Sindhu’s colleague, poet Masroor Pirzado appreciated how she encourages women to come out of their homes and help make a different society.

Several Sindhi writers, poets and literary persons participated and appreciated her work. Though Sindhu has been writing for years for different newspapers, this is her first book, which has been published by Auratzaad.

“Everyone has to play his/her own role and I am satisfied that I do whatever I want to do,” Sindhu told The Express Tribune. “I have three things on priority – romance, revolution and resistance.”

One of the top feminists in Sindh, Sindhu talked about the rights of Sindhi women, insisting that all women should have equal rights. “They must be given freedom and equal opportunities. I stand with this gender, which is being neglected and ignored for thousands of years.”

Sindhu hopes that the coming generations will have what their ancestors were deprived of. “This generation is lucky enough to be able to give true dreams a reality,” she said.

Writer Fehmida Riaz also appreciated Sindhu’s poetry, which is written in Sindhi and translated into Urdu. Sindhu’s poetry is a hope for the youth, she said, adding that her recent work depicted her extraordinary personality.

Women like Sindhu, who raise voices, are rarely born, said writer Zahida Hina. “Her poetry shows how she keeps resistance and revolutionary thoughts alive.”

Pirzado admitted that Sindhu was a rebellious voice, and that her message is being conveyed to women and men alike not only through her poetry but her writings as well.

Tanveer Anjum, Attiya Dawood, Rukhsana Preet Chunnar and Arfana Mallah also spoke at the launch, while Suhae Abro, a female folk dancer, also performed on the song sung by Aksa Bhutto.

Source: The Express Tribune