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World moot on women planned

KARACHI – The United Nations advisor, Najab Karaborni, has said that the Ministry of Women’s Development, in collaboration with the All Pakistan Women Association (Apwa), Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education is organising a three-day International Conference on Women in Islamabad on 22-24 February 2005.

Speaking at a press conference in Karachi on October 15, the UN advisor informed the different women organisations that the title and theme of the conference is ‘Equality, Empowerment and Education.’

Apwa Member Mrs Mehar Kiran also spoke on the occasion. She said that the ministry was holding the conference to highlight the problems being faced by women.

“The conference will focus on national issues,” she said and added that the delegations were invited from the Saarc states, Iran, South Africa and Morocco.

Apwa Member Mrs Laila Sarfaraz said: “Today women are facing many problems and obstacles in the fields of health, education, economic empowerment, political and legal entitlements.”

She said: “The purpose of the conference is to tackle these factors boldly.”

Message on Liaquat Day: Begum Tazeen Faridi, president of the All Pakistan Women Association (Apwa), has said in her message on Khan Liaquat Ali Khan Day that 16 October is a day of remembrance.

The Apwa president said: “The country’s youth must take interest in academic fields but also study the aspirations of their national heroes to face future challenges and make the country strong. They would thus help in reviving the spirit of their country’s heroes.”

Source: Business Recorder