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Women’s moot pleads for education, exploration of new horizons

By Faryal Najeeb

LAHORE: Director of Research at the Center for Women’s Enterprise, University of Bedfordshire, UK, M A Roomi has said that women have made more contribution to the world gross domestic product over the past decade than new technologies introduced across the globe and the emerging markets like India and China.

Speaking at ‘The Women Leadership Conference’ organised by the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) here on Thursday, Roomi said that social science proves that women are far more advanced in possessing the qualities of a good leader which men can never even reach. He defined leadership as “enabling a group to engage together in the process of developing, sharing and moving into a vision,” while also listing the qualities which included self-awareness, social skills, self-regulation, motivation and empathy.

He also said economic growth and economic development are two different terms and a country should concentrate on economic development which can be stimulated by encouraging women to enter the field of business and politics. Founder and Chairperson of CARE and Executive Director of SEFAM, Seema Aziz, expressed views that constant and continuous innovation was the key to success for any business. “Belief in oneself, determination, integrity and constant innovation will help you move forward.”

Managing Partner, Lead Trainer and Consultant for Nur Concepts, Maha Rehman informed the audience that in terms of women in politics, Pakistan ranks 45th in the International Parliamentary Unions, ahead of even Canada, UK and USA which are ranked at 47th, 60th and 69th positions respectively. She said that some of the challenges that women faced at work place include lack of equal opportunities, lack of mentoring opportunities, harassment and gender bias.

During the conference, the need for education and exploration of new horizons other than traditional businesses for women was also discussed. The lack of opportunities for women entrepreneurs from rural areas was repeatedly highlighted and it was suggested that these women should consult chambers for training and better business prospects. Program Officer for CIPE, Eric Hontz and Despina Pascal from AXA International Consulting, Romania also spoke at the conference.

Source: The News


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