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Women urged to take part in politics

PESHAWAR: Speakers at a meeting have urged the political parties to encourage women activists to come forward and work for the development of their respective localities and people of the communities.

The meeting was held at Nothia here on Saturday that was addressed by Provincial Minister for Sports Syed Aqil Shah, regional head of Strengthening Participatory Orgnaisation Arshad Haroon and Nadia Jabeen, head of a local NGO Aiman Welfare Organisation. A large number of women belonging to the area attended the meeting.

“This is real issue and only participation in political process will put us on the track of progress and prosperity. We have to raise our voice for this right along with the women, who are fighting their case,” the minister said.

He said that most of the problems being faced by the communities could be resolved if womenfolk started taking interest in politics and came out for the progress of their localities.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Haroon appreciated the courage of women activists and said that it was encouraging that women were taking part in political activities for the amelioration of womenfolk and marginalised segments of society.

“There are political parties where women are encouraged but role of women in political process is still low. We have to support the political parties where women are given due place and share,” Mr Haroon said. He asked women to come forward and initiate their struggle to win the right which had been usurped.

“Politics is like a forbidden flower in our society but due to courage of the women and support of people like Syed Aqil Shah and Arshad Haroon, we will definitely raise voice and work for the womenfolk,” said Ms Jabeen. She added that women were always neglected in political parties.