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Women stopped from voting

PESHAWAR (Agencies) – Voting stopped at women-only polling stations in parts of Peshawar on Monday after elders decided that women should not cast ballots, police and officials said.

Moreover, panchayets have slapped a ban on casting of votes by women in parts of Mianwali and Sargodha.

The kingpins at the UC 33 Paikhel, upholding their 60­year old tradition, decided not to let women cast their votes, according to a private TV channel.

Union Council Paikhel falls within the constituency PP-44, where total registered voters are 18,000 and women voters are 7,500. It is said that one independent candidate from PP-44 is also included among the Sardars snatching away the women rights to vote.

Meanwhile, the Panchayets at the four Bhera villages of Sargodha have also taken similar decisions.

These villages fall within the constituencies NA-64 and PP-28, where 4,479 women voters have been deprived of their right to cast votes.
Source: The Nation