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Women skill development programme in Fata

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Governor, Barrister Masood Kausar has directed to further strengthen and streamline the Women Skill Development Programme in Fata with special focus on value addition, quality and making the products attractive from demand and marketing point of views.

Presiding over a presentation on working and achievements of the programme at Governor’s House, Peshawar on Thursday, the governor further desired that not only the best instructors having impressive training background from reputed educational institutions of the country should be hired in future but the existing trainers should also be provided with opportunities to refresh and update their knowledge as well.

The Chief Executive of the Fata Development Authority, Sahib Shah and the Project Director of the programme briefed the Governor about working, achievements and future goals of the programme while the senior authorities of the Fata Secretariat were also present.

The governor, noting with satisfaction that 42 Women Skill Development Centres are fully functional in the entire Fata and establishment of more than 30 centres of similar nature is in progress on fast track basis to further expand the network, also desired to ensure efficient monitoring of working of the centres.

Referring to the importance of introduction of promotion of non-traditional trades, especially the marble mosaic, designing, fruits and vegetable processing and preservation, bee keeping, kitchen gardening, water conservation, bee keeping, besides hand knitting, embroidery, sewing etc, the governor also took keen interest in display of the products and desired that extra efforts were needed to make the products attractive from marketing point of views.

Conceding to a proposal to develop one of the centres as a model institution in each tribal agency, the governor said this is the best way to promote cottage industry in the area and there must be continuity in the pace of progress through gradual development and expansion of the skill development centres in the entire Fata. Indeed, he remarked, the programme is highly useful to make the womenfolk more effective contributors to socio-economic well being of their respective families.

Meanwhile, the governor was also briefed that a display centre exists in Peshawar and efforts are also under way to establish similar centres including one at Islamabad to ensure proper marketing and projection of the products of Fata Women Skill Development programme.

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