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Women and mosque

Letter to the editor…

Sir: First I would thank Daily Times for picking up this important discussion. And I also thank Mr Omar who responded to my original letter and offered his point of view regarding women (“A woman’s true place”, Daily Times, July 18).

However, I believe that he has missed my point. I am not trying to undermine the position of women. Moreover, the practice of having women pray in the back row of a mosque cannot reduce the stature of women in any way whatsoever.

Islam has accorded women superior status in all respects, but in order to maintain a balance in society it has laid out some restrictions on men and women. These restrictions in no way enhances or reduces any person’s position. Instead, they help create a virtuous society.

Thus I would request my Muslim brothers and sisters to study religion in its true spirit, rather than jumping to any premature conclusions. I would also take this opportunity to request people to use the media as a literary forum to remove the misperceptions about our religion.

Dr. Fatimah Nisar
London, UK.

Source: Daily Times