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Woman grower elected chairperson of farmers’ body

MIRPURKHAS: For the first time in Sindh a woman grower has been elected chairperson of a farmer organisation (FO). The election was held on Tuesday near Jhuddo Town and was supervised by the officers of the Sindh Irrigation and Drainage authority (Sida).

According to a press release, the election process was for FO Bhaan Minor in which several abadgars and growers were present.

There are nearly 80 FOs that have been formed on distributaries and minors of the Indus River in Sindh.

Rahila Bibi was elected chairperson, Younus Mirrani vice chairman, Gaho Khan secretary, Noor Muhammad Otho treasurer and Dr Mushtaq Memon and Niaz Muhammad Gurgez were elected members of the management committee.Speaking to the group, Nazeer Eisani, general manager transition Sida, said that this was the first time a woman grower was elected chairperson of FO Bhaan Minor and hoped that the newly elected body would ensure the equitable distribution of water that also reached the tail-end growers.

The newly elected chairperson, Rahila Bibi, said that growers had expressed their confidence by electing her and she would ensure that all growers received water without any discrimination.

She also said that she would speed up the recovery of Abiana tax from the defaulter growers.

Later, Mr Eisani inaugurated the new office of FO Bhaan Minor.