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Woman fights it out to a rapprochement

RAWALPINDI: Airport police detained a teacher of a private university for several hours after she argued with a serving army officer for overtaking her car dangerously at Amaar Chowk on Tuesday night, sources told Dawn.

She was allowed to go home after reaching a compromise with the officer on Wednesday, the source said.

The teacher followed the officer, who was travelling with his family, to a picket of the army near the chowk. She told the officer that due to his “wrong overtaking” she had narrowly escaped an accident. But the hour long argument over who was at fault turned ugly and heated.

However while the teacher, herself daughter of a retired army officer, was leaving after apparently settling the issue, the security personnel barred her way. The source said she protested the “impolite attitude” of the security staff. Eventually the police were called in and took her away to the airport police station.

SHO of the women police station told Dawn that she only provided women constable to escort the teacher while the incident was handled by the Airport police.

At the police station, the teacher informed her family and also called her lawyer, asking them to reach to her help. Source said the teacher lodged a formal complaint and demanded registration of a case against the army officer, who also wanted to register a counter case.

Since she had spent whole night and early part of Wednesday in police detention, senior officers intervened and worked out a rapprochement between the two parties.

Copies were made of the compromise and handed to the teacher and the army officer. When Regional Police Officer (RPO) Mohammad Zubair was contacted, he declined to comment.

Source: Dawn