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Woman Falls Prey to Kro-Kari

BADIN, Jan 4, A man slaughtered his sister-in-law on the pretext of karo-kari in solangi Mohalla, Matli, on Saturday and surrendered before the police.

Ghulam Qadir killed his brother’s wife, Noorjehan, and after serving her head, wrapped it in a cloth and left it on the busy bridge of Phulelli Canal.

Later, he surrendered at the Matli police station where he claimed that he had killed his sister-in-law on seeing her in an objectionable state with a man.

The police had registered a case on the complaint of a mother of a killed woman, Rasti.She alleged that he accused had attempt to criminally assault her daughter and was recently released in the said case due to which he harbored a grudge against her.

In other incident, a woman allegedly killed her brother-in-law on Saturday and fled the scene with her husband.
Soonhand 40, and her husband Idris, has handed over their son, Bilawal to his uncle, Abdul Sattar, some 12 years ago.
When they went to get their son back, he refused to go with them.

This led to a scuffle during which the woman reportedly killed her brother-in-law and escaped with her husband.

Source: Dawn