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Woman blackmailed by youths

MIANWALI: Three men made compromising videos and pictures of a trainee lady health nurse (LHN) from Jal Dakshina and blackmailed her.

The suspects had called the victim to their residence to return her missing mobile phone.

According to the complainant, the prime suspect, Mazhar, had found her mobile phone that she had lost. He called her and asked her to meet him to take back the phone. When she reached Mazhar’s residence, two other youths were also present there. Mazhar and his accomplices dragged the victim by her hair and made her videos and indecent photos to later blackmail her.

After enduring the blackmailing for some time, the victim reported the incident to the Piplan police and lodged an FIR against the three suspects.

The incident went viral on social media, showing some persons calling the woman and her children to their place and molesting her. They later blackmailed her.

The DSP and SHO of Piplan police station contacted the woman and her daughters and registered the case. The police arrested one of the suspects nominated in the complaint.

Raids were also conducted to arrest the other suspects. The DPO of Mianwali sought a report about the case from the DSP concerned.

Source: Express Tribune