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Woman attempts suicide after giving poison to two children

LARKANA: A mother of three consumed poisonous powder called ‘Black Stone’ after giving her two children the same powder in Luhar mohalla within the remit of Haidri police station on Thursday.

Later in a semi-conscious condition, Ms Nusrat told reporters that she had tried to end her and her children’s life after getting sick of the husband’s ways. Her husband is a donkey cart driver.

Earlier, Nusrat and her two children Manthar, 3, and Habiullah, 2, were taken to Chandka Medical College Hospital where her condition was stated to be critical.

The two children were admitted to the CMC hospital and doctors described their condition as stable.

‘Black Stone’ is a poisonous material which is commonly used as hair dye, easily available at shops.

Sources in the casualty department said cases of suicide were on the rise in Larkana where in most of the cases, victims took ‘Black Stone’.

Quite dangerous aspect was that at present there was no antidote to this poison was available, doctors said.