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Woman arrested for kidnapping her boss for ransom

Karachi: A female banker named Shahina and four of her accomplices were arrested on Wednesday by the Anti-Violent Crime Cell (AVCC). They were accused of kidnapping the recovery in-charge of ABN-Amro Bank.

Shahina worked under Ahmed Adeel as a recovery officer at ABN-Amro. Two months ago, she was discharged from the job by Adeel, who directed her to immediately leave the bank. Shahina had already taken a home-financing loan, and had incurred a credit card debt worth thousands of rupees. She decided to avenge the situation by planning to abduct Adeel for ransom and use the payoff money to pay her dues.

Adeel said that on June 4, 2008, he was going to work in his car (No. AQL-881), when three armed and masked men stopped him at gunpoint, forced him to the back seat of the car and drove him to an unknown destination. Adeel was confined inside a flat in Gulistan-e-Jauhar. During the period of captivity, the kidnappers swiped millions of rupees from Adeel’s account and also took his credit cards away. Later in the evening, they released him on the condition that he would arrange more money. The accused took away Adeel’s car and also gave him life threats.

The victim approached the Baloch Colony police who then registered a case of kidnapping for ransom against unidentified people. The case was transferred to the AVCC, where SSP Mohammed Farooq Awan entrusted the investigation of the case to Inspector Irfan.

The latter said that during the course of investigation, the police started recording conversations between Adeel and the accused. During one such conversation, a woman also came on the phone to demand more ransom money. The AVCC tracked down the location of the accused, and conducted a raid at the hideout in Gulistan-e-Jauhar.

Three men, identified as Mujeeb, Imran Khalid and Farhan-ul-Haq, were arrested. Adeel’s car which was under the use of the criminals was also recovered.

Upon further investigation, the men disclosed that a female banker was behind the kidnapping. They identified her as Shahina. Another man, Aftab, who was working in the ABN-Amro Bank as a recovery officer was also identified as an accomplice. The three maintained that they had committed the offence on Shahina’s demand.

Based on the information given by the arrested men, Inspector Irfan kept a watch outside the ABN-Amro branch. As soon as Shahina and Aftab made their way to the bank, the police arrested both of them and took them to the investigation cell. During interrogation, both Shahina and Aftab confessed their crime. Shahina said that she was an educated girl and the persons arrested were her friends. She also said that their plan was successful up until the final ransom payment when they were caught by the police.
Source: The News