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Woman accuses police of harassment

NAUSHAHRO FEROZE, Oct 9: A woman has accused an SP investigation and an incharge DPO of harassing her and registering concocted FIRs against their supporters and forcing them to withdraw a petition regarding the kidnapping of her daughter and her husband, Riaz Hisbani, who have married against the will of the girl’s family.

Speaking at a news conference in Kandiaro on Tuesday Sanam Jatoi’s mother, Ms Zaibul, alleged that influential members of Jatoi tribesmen had kidnapped her daughter, Sanam Jatoi and her husband Riaz Hisbani.

The woman said that a petition was filed in the Sindh High Court, Sukkur bench and the court had directed the police to produce Sanam and Riaz in the court on Oct 25.

She said that Sanam married with Riaz Hisbani at her free will and with their consent but the influential Jatoi tribesmen wanted their separation and are threatening to kill them.

She alleged that after filing the petition in the High Court, DPO Gul Mohammad Shar had arranged false cases like attack on Fatehpur Jatoi and a lawyer, Zulfiqar Jatoi, on the instigation of the influential Jatoi tribesmen at Mohabbat Dero and Kandiaro police stations.

She said that they were in trouble and cannot live with peace and under the continuous death threats.

She appealed to the President of Pakistan, provincial police officers Sindh and other higher authorities to provide them protection and recover Sanam and her husband Riaz Hisbani.

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Source: Dawn