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Woman accuses man of raping, blackmailing her

RAWALPINDI: A woman from Faisalabad who lived in Afshan Colony claims that she was raped by a man who also blackmailed her, extorted money from her ever since she contacted him about a job at a factory in her hometown.

She said the suspect raped her after blackmailing her, adding after the incident happened she left the city (Faisalabad) and settled in Afshan colony. Despite having replaced her number, the suspect managed to trace her and reached Rawalpindi.

She said after she refused to meet him, he threatened to tell her family members about what had happened. She said that she was asking him to leave but he started extorting money from her and blackmailing her.

She said that her children had gone out when he came to her house and attempted to rape her.

However, she started to yell which is why he escaped, the first information report (FIR) stated.

Meanwhile, another woman was kidnapped by unidentified people who called her to the office of a senior police officer.

Zafar Iqbal, a resident of Sanober colony, lodged an FIR with the Sadar Barooni police saying that his daughter received a phone call from the office of deputy superintendent of police (DSP) and the caller asked his daughter to come to his office on Wednesday as she had already filed a complaint against some people.

He said that his daughter left her house in her car responding to the phone call. As soon as the girl’s father learned about this, he went to the office of the DSP to look for his daughter but was unable to find her. He said that the DSP office personnel denied that she had contacted or visited their office.

He further said that after failing to find his daughter at the office of DSP, he searched all hospitals and also inquired from other people but could not find her.

He believed that six people had kidnapped his daughter due to a property dispute.

The police have registered an FIR against six individuals on the charges of kidnapping on Saturday and launched an investigation.

Source: Dawn