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Why kill a helpless old woman?


Many hearts were torn asunder at the news of Sister Birgitta’s death. The 71-year-old Swedish woman, who had spent her youth to ameliorate the living conditions of the destitute women of Lahore, was shot by some immoral persons at the doorsteps of her residence. She gave more than half of her life to serving the poor and to remove privation from their lives. Whatsoever committed this heinous murder of killing an old woman who had helped others all her life must be a mentally sick person? Sister Birgitta who belonged to Christian Missionary had helped the poor of the sub-continent for many decades be it the department of education or health. Great men like Allama Iqbal, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, and Muhammad Ali Johar were all educated in Missionary Schools. Almost two weeks have elapsed when Sister Birgitta was shot but no tangible progress has been made by the police who should have been able to catch the perpetrators by now.

Let us not expect any miracle from the government to catch the murderers as the present government in Islamabad has miserably failed to unearth the assassins of Ms Bhutto, the wife of the Head of the State who has almost completed five long years as the President of Pakistan. My heart goes out to the Christian Missionaries all over the world and I express my heartfelt condolences on the ruthless murder of Sister Birgitta with all those who are serving the humanity.

At the same time, I strongly condemn such elements, be they among Christians or Muslims, who hurt people who work for humanity, when Islam is the religion of humanity and peace. I earnestly beseech the government of Pakistan to make a judicial commission to probe into the murder of Sister Birgitta. The responsibility of the murder is being imputed on the terrorists groups which may well be an indiscreet thing. Other possibilities like an attempted burglary should also be given gravitas.

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