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=> VEHARI, Dec 24: A man allegedly subjected his wife

VEHARI, Dec 24: A man allegedly subjected his wife to severe torture and shaved her head when she refused to earn money through prostitution.

The incident took place at Basti Ghareebabad, Arain Wahin, Mailsi tehsil on Sunday.

Nawaz Mai (40), flanked by her mother Janan Mai and brother Haq Nawaz, told journalists that she got married to Muhammad Bukhsh some 20 years ago and gave birth to five daughters and three sons.

She alleged her husband was a man of loose morals and had illicit relations with women.

She said he would ask her to become a prostitute and earn money for him, and when she refused he subjected her to physical torture, tied her with ropes and shaved her head.

On raising hue and cry, she was rescued by some neighbours, she said. The accused fled away from the spot.

She said Saddar police took no action against the accused despite being informed of the barbarity.

Mailsi SDPO Zafar Iqbal Dogar claimed the woman never approached the police with the complaint.

Source: Dawn