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Vehari blackmail scam Nishtar medics extract USB from suspect’s abdomen

BAHAWALPUR: The doctors at Nishtar Hospital, Multan, extracted the USB allegedly containing objectionable pictures of girls, from the abdomen of the prime suspect in the Vehari blackmail scandal, through endoscopy.

According to police sources, Vehari police on the complaint of a girl, who was trapped by the suspect, Hamid Wahaj, and his accomplices, through a job advertisement and was later raped and blackmailed by them, had arrested him in a raid.

The sources said that during interrogation it transpired that Hamid had been operating a blackmailing ring involved in sexual exploitation of job-seeking girls.

They said that during the raid the suspect swallowed a USB allegedly containing objectionable pictures of the victims.

Later, a police party drove him to Nishtar Hospital, Multan, where doctors conducted ultrasound of the suspect, which confirmed the presence of USB in his abdomen.

At this, the doctors conducted his endoscopy and extracted the USB from his abdomen.

The source said that the police after downloading the data in the USB, would include it in the case record as evidence and also arrest other members of the ring.

Source: Dawn