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Two, including woman, held in rape case

KOT GHULAM MUHAMMAD – The Kot Ghulam Muhammad police have arrested accused Jagat Bheel and a woman Samndari, on December 15, in a rape case filed under Section 10/3 and 34 PPC.

According to police report, accused Jagat Bheel and a notorious bandit Nagji Bheel raped a 20-year-old married woman, Champa with the help of accused woman, Samdari in nearby village Juman Shah.

The victim Champa earned her living by selling hand-made toys.
The police report suggests that the accused woman took the victim to her home for buying the toys where two male accused were already present who molested Champa locking up her minor girl Marvi in a room.

The police after registering a case on the complaint of Ramoo Bheel, husband of the victim, arrested Jagat Bheel and Samdari. However, Nagji Bheel escaped from the scene.

Jagat Bheel was reportedly released from jail after undergoing seven-year imprisonment.

Ms Champa was admitted at Mirpurkhas civil hospital for medical treatment and check up.

Source: Daily Times