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Two get bail in woman burning case

KARACHI: The district court granted bail to accused Jamil and Ghufran, in the charge against burning to death their sister-in-law Ruby on benefit of doubt as before, she succumbed to injuries, she recorded a police statement that she was burnt by the stove was burst which caught fire, resulting in 40 persons burns.

Ruby was admitted to Civil Hospital Burns ward, Karachi, on May 18, 2006. Her husband Saeed, along with his family members Zarina sister-in-law, Tannu and Saeeda, sisters and Jamil and Gulfaam brothers reportedly burnt her. She received 40 percent burns wounds. .

According to her mother, Mubeena, she married a man Saeed at the age of 25, 10 years ago but he was very cruel and daily tortured her daughter. She gave birth to two daughters and two sons, with the eldest about 8 and the youngest 2.

Under all these circumstances when her husband used to batter her daily, she preferred not to make any problems for her parents and quietly bore the infamy, though at times she was beaten with hot iron rod by her mother-in-law and sister-in law. Even her minor children were not spared this terrible treatment. Remaining in this ghastly situation, her children suffered from innumerous ailments.

Her next-door neighbours however, informed her mother, that her daughter was so brutally beaten every day and kept with hands and legs tied and was not often provided food for at least three or four days which affected her health. Once the situation went out of control, she went to next-door neighbour to call her mother as she was not even allowed to use home telephone. Once her husband kept calling. She just asked him to wait a minute. This annoyed him so much that he started yelling. She immediately rushed but his angered husband along with his other family members pulled her hair started beating with kicks and fists.

Later they reportedly tied her up and sprinkled kerosene oil on her. Her only child, Talha, who was a year old at that time was present at home, while her other children who were in the schools reached home at time when their mother was tied and father along with his sister-in-law was sprinkling kerosene oil.

Her elder daughter Sadaf ran to neighbour’s house and narrated the horrifying situation, who in turn dashed to Saeed’s house, where all of them pouring water on her which further aggravate the situation and her body was swollen, Ruby, who received 40 percent burns was taken to the hospital by her neighbours while her husband Saeed fled the scene. On listening to the gruesome account, her mother rushed to the hospital where she found her daughter in a precarious condition.

However, she was conscious enough to record her statement to the police but her mother-in-law and sister-in-law was consoling her with the palliative that she would soon recover and that for the sake of her four children she should not complain against any one and was reportedly forced to state that her clothes caught fire as the stove burst and her clothes caught fire. She was threatened that if she complained against her in-laws, she would have to face dire consequences.

On the same night, she succumbed to injuries making the case null and void, despite the fact that her mother, father and children screaming, were weeping and wailing in front of the police but all in vain. However her mother lodged a complaint in Ferozabad police station next day FIR was registered under 302/34.

The court, basing its decision on the statement given by the deceased Ruby, gave bail to her brothers-in-law Jamil and Gulfaam last month while her husband and sister-in-law Zarina are still absconding. Her mother seeking justice from the state who was in utter shock told this correspondent that her son-in-law killed her innocent daughter as he was also demanding Rs 0.1 million which she could not afford.

In Pakistani society, girls are often tortured to death by in-laws and yet no law was been formed which could protect women from the gruesome attitude of savage husbands and cruel in-laws.

Source: The News