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Tribal woman strangled for ‘spyingÂ’

KHAR, June 11: A tribal woman accused by militants of spying for the United States has been killed. Her body was found on a road in Anayat Kalley area, some 8km from here, on Wednesday.

It is the first case of a woman killed for spying against the militants.

Political administration officials said the woman had been strangled to death. They said there were torture marks on the neck, but no bullet or knife wound.

Local people said they heard sounds of gunfire at around 5am. When they went to the Bypass Chowk area they found the body lying on the road.

They said a three-page note in Pushto was found near the body. It said: “She was killed being a spy of the Americans. She was found involved in immoral activities.

“The decision to kill her was taken after her confession during interrogation for several days; and those found indulging in such activities in future will face the same fate”.

The woman was buried in the Anayat Kalley area.

The political administration of Bajaur Agency has registered a case against unidentified killers.

AFP adds: “Her activities were against Islam and she was spying on Taliban and passing on information about them. She was also running a brothel,” said the note, attributed to Mujahideen.
Source: Dawn