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Tortured woman dies nameless

RAWALPINDI: A brutally beaten pregnant woman receiving treatment in Benazir Bhutto Hospital died on Monday – as unknown as the day she was found abandoned in Kotli Sattian woods last week.

Doctors discovered her pregnancy when police brought her from the hilly town to Rawalpindi for investigations and treatment on Thursday. They found that the torture on the woman in her 30s had already snuffed out life from the baby she had been carrying for five months. She herself was barely breathing.

She was put in the Intensive Care Unit but despite the best efforts of the doctors her head injuries proved fatal. Her body was removed to the District Headquarters Hospital for postmortem.

Police found nothing on her brutally tortured body to identify her.

All that could be done was to take her fingerprints for Nadra to try to trace out her family.

Constable Sumair Riaz posted at Krore police post had alerted the police after he heard screams of a woman from a wooded area while he was on his way to Rawalpindi.

“They (policemen who responded) found her lying in a pool of blood and gasping for life,” he said about the poor nameless woman in burqa.

Area police said they had received no complaint of any woman missing, nor had anyone come to claim her body.

Source: Dawn