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Torture victim Rizwana’s condition improving at LGH says, principal

LAHORE: Principal Post-Graduate Medical Institute Prof Al-Fareed Zafar said on Wednesday that the health condition of a domestic torture victim, Rizwana, was improving at Lahore General Hospital (LGH).

She was brought there from Sargodha 10 days ago in a serious condition.

Addressing the media, he said now Rizwana was asking for food and her psychological condition was also fine.

Head of the Special Medical Board Prof Jodat Saleem, Medical Superintendent (MS) Dr Khalid bin Aslam and other medical experts were also present.

Dr. Al-Fareed Zafar told reporters that Rizwana asked doctors Tuesday night that she wanted to go home. The girl’s condition was better now, but due to a lung infection, she had difficulty in breathing, which sometimes worsens, Prof Zafar added. Moreover, due to the infected blood, the body parts of Rizwana had also been affected. After the infection was controlled, surgery on the right arm would become possible, he added.

The principal said Rizwana did not get proper medical care before coming to the hospital due to which the wounds worsened and the infection spread to different parts of the body. He added that the medical staff was changing the wound dressing of the victim two to three times a day. There were also problems related to internal organs like the lungs and heart, he added.

Prof Al-Fareed said doctors had done bronchoscopy of the injured girl twice and the procedure could not be done anymore. Rizwana had two fractures in her arms; the right arm would undergo surgery, but that would be possible only when the infection in her body was fully controlled.

The girl was allegedly tortured by the wife of an Islamabad court judge before her recovery and admission to the hospital.

Source: The News