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Three killed over Karo-Kari

SUKKUR – Three people, including a woman and her one-year-old daughter, were killed in two separate incidents of Karo-Kari in Daharki and Ghotki on December 26.

Reports said one Muhammad Alam Banglani, resident of Deh Shadiwala, in Daharki police station jurisdiction, killed his wife Heer, 30 and one-year-old daughter on the pretext of Karo-Kari. He said his wife was maintaining illicit relations with one Phullo Samejo, who denied the charge.
Later, he buried both of them without any preliminaries.
Phullo Samejo claimed that Mohammad Alam owed Rs 20,000 to him, therefore he framed the allegation against him. No case was registered. In another incident, armed persons gunned down one Zafarullah Mahar, 30, near railway crossing, Ghotki.

The deceased had married Maqsooda, resident of Sanjarpur near Sadiq Abad, of his own free will some five years back.
Ataullah Mahar, father of the slain man, has registered a case against Marshalla Mahar, Dilvish Mahar and Nasrullah. He told the police that the accused were issuing threats of dire consequences to him. He demanded police protection.

Source: The News