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‘Third husband’ of slain woman surfaces

LARKANA, May 14: The murder of Dhayani alias Babli Lashari who by her parents after having been branded a kari on May 9, took an interesting turn on Thursday when Akbar Almani, a head constable, claimed to be her third husband and surrendered to DPO Irfan Baloch.

Almani who is posted at Moro police station told journalists that he was the legitimate husband of Babli and he had married her on March 20, this year in Moro.

According to Ali Gohar Shar who claimed to have married Babli in court on Jan 24, he and Babli arrived in Sukkur on March 11 and went to women’s police station to have Babli lodged in Darul Aman, but SHO Rukhsana Mangi sold her off to her parents for Rs150,000 on March 12 without producing her in court.

“I met Mohammed Alam, Babli’s brother, on a bus while going home and he suggest to me marry his sister who had been branded kari. He said all matters pertaining to her had been settled,” he said.

He said that Alam demanded Rs250,000 for giving her sister’s hand. He paid him Rs100,000 and promised to pay the remaining amount after some time, Almani said.

“She lived with me for over a month. One day Alam came to me and sought my permission to take his sister with him for a few days,” he said.

He sought assurance from Alam that he would not kill her and also asked Ms Babli to return soon, he said.

Almani said he came to know about murder of his wife through media and tried to contact Alam but failed.

He said that he would lodge an FIR against his wife’s killer.

Nizamuddin, Babli’s maternal uncle, had lodged an FIR at Dari police station on May 10 against Alam followed by an FIR lodged on behalf of the state by supervising investigation officer Saeed Ahmed Aghani at the same police station.

Balbi was buried in Tairanhpur village in the Sujawal Junejo area.

Ali Gohar earlier told journalists that he had moved the SHC on March 16 and told the court that the SHO had received Rs150,000 bribe for handing over the girl to her parents.

When the court asked the SHO to produce the girl, he said that Babli had married police head constable Akbar Almani in Shikarpur.

On this revelation, the court ordered police to produce Akbar Almani and Babli in court on May 7 but police failed to produce them.

Meanwhile, Larkana police have taken into custody Ms Kamalan, Babli’s sister, Nizamuddin, Dur Mohammed and Ghulam Mustafa Lashari for interrogation.

According to Ali Gohar Shar, he married Babli on Jan 24, 2009 in court and moved the Sindh High Court’s Larkana circuit bench to seek protection after Babli’s tribe branded them karo and kari and issued orders to kill them.

Later, Larkana police produced Noor Mohammad Lashari in the court who also claimed to be Babli’s husband. The court directed Noor Mohammad to go to a family court and prove his claim but he did not do so.

Our Sukkur correspondent adds: The division bench of the Sindh High Court’s Sukkur circuit bench issued notices to the DIG of Larkana and DPOs of Sukkur and Shikarpur, asking them to appear in court on May 19 to explain why they had failed to register a proper FIR of Babli’s murder.

The bench also issued notices to the DPOs of Shikarpur and Naushahro Feroze, former SHO and former head constable of Sukkur women police station to appear in court on May 20 and explain why they had failed to produce and protect Ms Babli.

The court took the action on a petition filed by Ali Gohar Shar who claimed to be Babli’s husband and an application against the above police officers on their failure to provide her protection.

A contempt application was also filed against the police officials for their failure to produce Babli in court despite repeated directives.

The division bench comprised Justice Arshad Noor Khan and Justice Mohammad Ismail Bhutto.
Source: Dawn