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The body of a woman in her 30s was found


TAXILA: The body of a woman in her 30s was found in a deserted place in Dhoke Syed an area in the jurisdiction of Fatehjang police station.

According to police, some people were harvesting wheat in the fields when they spotted the body.

Subsequently, they informed the police who moved the body to Tehsil Headquarters Hospital for autopsy.

According to medical examination, the woman was suffocated to death and later acid was thrown on her face to conceal her identity.

Moreover, a 24-year-old woman was allegedly shot dead by her husband in Qualyar village.

Police said the victim’s husband contracted second marriage with her a few years ago and relations between them were troubled.

On Wednesday, both got into an argument and the husband shot her.

Furthermore, a man shot dead his father in Tajik village in the jurisdiction of Hazro police station.

Police, while quoting the family, said the suspect, 22, demanded money from his father, and when he refused, the suspect took out his 30-bore pistol and shot him. Usman succumbed to his injuries later on.

Source: Dawn