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Teenager found dead

ISLAMABAD: A teenage girl was found murdered in a roadside tea-stall at a Bus Terminal, near Pirwadhi on Wednesday, police said. Apparently, the victim was strangulated a day before, and a scarf was found warped around the neck.

The incident came to light when a stall holder selling cigarettes spotted the body lying inside the kitchen of a tea-stall and informed the police.

Shortly after, the police reached the spot and shifted the body to the hospital for pending identification and legal process. The victim was yet to be identified. She is believed to be 16 to 18 years old. She was wearing new cloths, apparently stitched for Eid celebrations.

Besides, a bag carrying her clothes was found near her body, which was seized by the police. However, nothing was found from the victim of her bag to identify her along with any valuable.

Apparently, the girl seems to be a traveler and someone killed her somewhere else. Later her body was brought to the stall, set up in a green belt and dumped in the kitchen.

During Eid holidays, the stalls remained closed.

The police said that the actual cause of death was yet to be ascertained and in this regard autopsy would be conducted to establish the cause of death.