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Teenager, five-year-old abducted, raped

NOWSHERA / DI KHAN: A 15-year-old girl and five-year-old boy were kidnapped and raped in two separate incidents in the province.

Rimsha*, was picked up by two men on motorcycles and taken to an unknown location. She was kept in a room and subjected to rape for five consecutive days, the victim said in an FIR registered at the Gomel police station. Rimsha has accused two men, Fahad* and Haider*, in her report.

The police confirmed the incident occurred in Pahur village.

The rape victim stated that she was abducted on July 27 from a field. The two accused had put a cloth on her face which left her unconscious, she said. When Rimsha woke up she found herself in a room where Fahad kept her for five days and raped her. After the assault, he brought a cleric with witnesses and married the teenage girl. The alleged sexual assault continued, but Rimsha managed to escape and ran back home.

Investigation officer Allah Bakhesh said that the investigation was underway and the suspects have not yet been arrested. In another incident, a five-year-old boy was sexually assaulted in Risalpur, Nowshera district on Friday evening.

Risalpur police SHO Ishaq Khan said the boy’s father registered an FIR saying that the accused man, Nawaz*, took his son at gunpoint and raped him in a deserted house. The boy was found unconscious after the suspect had escaped. SHO Khan said that the child was rushed to District Headquarters Hospital, Nowshera and is in a critical condition.

Police raided the suspect’s house but he was not found.

The Express Tribune