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Tag: Illicit relation

man slaughters daughter

Man kills married sister over ‘honour’

LAHORE: A man slaughtered his married sister allegedly over her involvement in “questionable activities” in Sanda police precincts on Thursday. The police said that husband

Woman, man killed for ‘honour’

DERA MURAD JAMALI: A man allegedly killed his wife and her reported paramour in Saifabad area of Jhal Magsi on Sunday, police said. Hakim Ali


Karo-Kari claims two lives in Khairpur

SUKKUR: Karo-Kari claimed two lives in Khairpur on Tuesday. Police sources said Ibrahim Mamdani allegedly shot dead his wife Shahida and her alleged paramour Arbab

Man kills wife and ‘paramour’

DERA MURAD JAMALI: Three people, a woman amo­ng them, were gunned down and a man allegedly committed suicide in Rojhan Jamali and Jhal Magsi on