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Man kills wife and ‘paramour’

DERA MURAD JAMALI: Three people, a woman amo­ng them, were gunned down and a man allegedly committed suicide in Rojhan Jamali and Jhal Magsi on Sunday.

Police said a man opened fire on his wife and her alleged paramour in Goth Sawali Khan of Rojhan Jamali area in Jaffarabad district and escaped. They received multiple bullet wounds and died.

The dead man was identified as Ghulab Khan.

Police termed it a case of ‘honour killing’.

In Panjak area of Jhal Magsi district unidentified people shot dead a man who was identified as Talib Huss­ain, Levies personnel said.

The cause of the murder could not be ascertained.

In the same area, one Didar Ali allegedly shot himself dead. The cause of the suicide is said to be a domestic dispute.