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=> SWABI, Dec 17: District president of the women’s w

SWABI, Dec 17: District president of the women’s wing of Awami National Party (ANP) Dr Yasmin Jaseem has urged the women to exercise their right to vote at all cost.

Speaking at a meeting of the women wing of the party here on Monday, she said the candidates should reach out to the voters and convince them about their agendas, so that a greater number of people, both women and men, might cast their votes.

Dr Jaseem dispelled the impression that women would not be allowed to cast votes in some areas.

She said that in the past some politicians had struck a deal under which the women were deprived of their right to vote in the local bodies’ elections, but their participation would be ensured in the coming general election.

“The ANP district women’s wing is fully prepared to play its due role in the election. We are in touch with the district and central leadership, working according to the chalked-out plan,” she said.

“We are proud that the ANP central president Asfandyar Wali Khan is contesting election from the Swabi district,” she said.

“He rightly calls Swabi his second home, like Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan.”

She added that the ANP women’s wing must remain active to resolve the problems faced by the women voters in their respective regions.

The number of female voters in Swabi district is 228,530, while that of male voters is 343,858.

They will be casting votes for two National Assembly and six provincial assembly seats of the district.
Source: Dawn