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Suspect who stabbed young woman to death arrested in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: Police arrested a man in Wahdat Colony on Tuesday on charges of stabbing his female friend to death late on Monday night.

They said the suspect, Ghayyur, will be produced in court on Wednesday. At around 11pm on Monday, he had stabbed Iqra Mashori in the Kohsar area of Latifabad after she refused to hand over her mobile phone to her.

A video of the horrific incident went viral on social media, showing the injured victim lying on the ground and crying for help as onlookers ask who has done this to her. Iqra accused Ghayyur of attacking her.

Responding to information from residents, police attended the scene and took her to the Bhittai Hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries. The victim was a resident of Wahdat Colony of the Qasimabad area.

Iqra’s father Khadim Hussain said that his daughter had left home at 6pm on Monday to go to a beauty parlour when Ghayyur and his accomplices kidnapped her and took her to the Kohsar area where they tried to rape her, but when they did not succeed in doing so, Ghayyur badly injured her and the suspects escaped. He appealed to Sindh IGP and the judiciary for justice and demanded that the accused be brought to justice.

Police officer Aziz Ahmed Senhro told The News that Ghayyur Abbas had confessed to the crime in the statement given to the police and he would be produced in the court for remand on Wednesday.

The investigating officer said that according to the preliminary medical report, the woman was stabbed to death, but no evidence of abuse was found.

Source: The News