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Space for women in buses

THIS is with regard to Hassan Qayyum’s comment ‘Women in public buses: another view’ (March 24). If one is to count the number of women who are actually able to sit, they are not more than 12. Women literally try to fill in the nooks where they often have children alongside them.

If the area is more spacious, more women will be able to avail themselves of the service being provided. This is so because it is still a cheaper option for conveyance.

As far the argument that the men’s compartment does not suffice, the truth of the matter is that even if one whole bus was allocated for men it would be inadequate at one point in time, anyway.

It is about sticking to the place that has been designated for you and not filling the women side that reaches its brink in no time.

Thirdly, conductors go to the extent of pushing women passengers around so that I don’t see why bus operators cannot win their earnings a bit more decently by just expanding on the women’s area.