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Sonia Naz beaten blue

ISLAMABAD: High-profile alleged rape victim, Sonia Naz was almost beaten to death by six young brothers of a cop, Amir, in Lahore, who happens to be the former husband of her divorced younger sister.

Sonia has been admitted to a hospital in critical condition with broken arms. A mother of two kids, Sonia was arrested from the Parliament House in April 2005, then allegedly raped next month in Faisalabad after abduction and is now lying unconscious at a hospital for the last two days.

Doctors are desperately trying to save her life by giving her oxygen. Sonia’s arms are broken and her body carries serious injuries. A helpless Sonia, who was conscious two days ago, was threatened by her mother that she would commit suicide in case Sonia reported the matter to police.

Yet another high drama in the life of the unfortunate Sonia started early this week when Amir, her former brother-in-law, who is serving in one of the Lahore police stations, stormed into the rented house where Sonia was residing quietly with her widowed mother, two young divorced sisters and their kids.

Amir forcibly took away his two-year-old son and tortured Sonia’s divorced sister. Both her divorced sisters with their kids had come to live with Sonia. Feeling the burden of responsibility to feed her sisters and their kids, Sonia started two jobs – one in the morning and another in the evening.

Later, some relatives tried to get the son of Sonia’s sister back. When Sonia reached at her sister-in-laws’ house in Lahore, Amir and his six young brothers thrashed her, broke her arms and banged her head on the wall mirror, which led to multiple injuries to her head and other parts of the body.

Sonia was shifted to a government hospital. After coming to know about Sonia’s sorry fate, Amir immediately returned his son to Sonia’s sister and the whole family was trying to convince the heirs of Sonia not to report the matter to police.

Source: The News