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Sindhi women

THE Sindh Graduates Association, women’s branch, Karachi, organised a two-day (March 27 and 28) national conference on ‘Pakistani Women in 21st Century’.

Celebrated women from all walks of life presented their papers about the status and achievements of womenfolk in Pakistan.

Indeed, this SGA initiative was commendable, but it would have been even more appreciable had the SGA and such other bodies embarked upon a creative journey to change the lot of womenfolk in Sindh. Indeed, when I hear of such conferences and hefty expenses being incurred, then the seven sisters, daughters of one poor father who is dead, living in a village near Mohenjodaro ome to mind.

They want to study but do not have money to buy clothes and books. All these celebrated women should have come out, followed unbeaten tracks and did something positive for such ill-fated souls.


Source: Dawn