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Shahkot rape case: protecting the criminals

This is regarding the rape incident of a minor in Shahkot, Nankana Sahib.

The SHO and IO of Shahkot Police Station should be sacked for creating hurdles and delay in proceeding against the alleged rapists of this bright and innocent girl, who stood first in the Nankana Saheb District.

It is this delay that facilitated the alleged rapist to get bail and flee instead of being caught for investigation. The medico legal staff of Nankana is notorious for faking medical tests and having helped many criminals in the past in league with a few lawyers who specialise in such nefarious activities and abuse of law.

Even the women police staff located at the Race course Women Police Station Lahore have had numerous complaints filed against them, yet no exemplary punishment has been given to those caught, other than customary suspension, which means nothing.

If the police cannot protect innocent citizens, then what purpose do they serve? There should be zero tolerance for those police officers who protect criminals, distort medical and forensic evidence.

They don’t deserve a second chance and must be expelled from police and face criminal prosecution, otherwise crimes will continue to haunt citizens. The DPO Nankana, the DCO and magistrate have failed this innocent daughter of Pakistan.


Source: Dawn